- Contacting GM for free items or services is not allowed
- Impersonating a Staff member in any chat is not allowed
- Trading items on L2Trinity for an other server is not allowed
- Calling stuff like "Changing Server,dropping items, etc." is not allowed
- Attempting to sell items in Game for real currency is not allowed
- Flaming a GM Staff or using bad language against the server is not allowed
- Any behavior that disrupts events or other GM work is not allowed

Valid Petition Information

- Provide a full description of your matter before you open the petition on the petition's retail form.
- To report a bot user include the nickname of the character(s) abusing on the petition's retail form.
- To be assisted on an account recovery matter (password/pin), you have to provide the following information on the petition's retail form:
     1. Your character login ID & nickname.

Invalid Petition form types examples.

- Hi, GM here?
- I have lost my password.
- Hi, i want to talk with GM immediately!
- Jail/Chat Ban Penalty Petition form types examples.
- Hi, i am leader of a big clan and we would like items or currency to play in your server.
- Flaming/Curses on the petition form.
- Any type of questions on the game that aren't server's modifications.


Account safety and integrity is your responsibility.
Administration will never ask for your password. Please try to keep your account details safe, secure and secret. In case of being scammed, you may report your issue to the administration, however given the difficulty of a situation, it is not obliged to fully restore/ recover your loss.
- Due to a huge time sink analysing logs we are not accepting scam reports.
Your account integrity is your own responsibility.
- Scamming of any way/method whether it involves trading or account integrity is not allowed.
- Using a private store to scam by selling an item for an unusual price or using wrong text in store's description.


- Inappropriate language towards Staff or triggering GM expressions is not allowed, 3.000 minutes chat ban at least.


Lately we are receiving numerous reports about people training mobs
-Server has been set, farmzones also, to be auto-farm friendly that's the reason people are able to lure multiple monsters at a specific location and ruin farming.
-In order to avoid readjusting all the farm spots to be farmable with only 1 monster so we can avoid mobs training and lure,
We decided to take action and punish people who do that.
-Training mobs from now on (luring people into walls and eliminate their auto-farm time) will be punished with jail-time, people who are using bot chars to do it will be tracked down and jailed on main char also .
-Reports about mob training and lure will be only accepted with Screenshots as proofs, showing the character and the monsters he lured.


- From now on anyone who gets caught buying or selling items for real currency will be HWID BANNED immediately. Both BUYER and SELLER will be banned.


- Using alt-bot chars in order to pk another player is punishable with jailtime on your main account.
- Ofc PKing is a part of the game, but when it is from your real character with the actual risk that comes with that.
- By protecting another char with your "main" char, in that case your main is considered as a bot and will be jailed.