Class Paths

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« on: September 11, 2019, 03:54:14 AM »
Class Paths

We've implemented a new system called Class Paths.What does that mean?It means that there will be 4 Paths to choose from for your character's set up.
We (as a team)strongly support the idea of having different set ups/builds .Diversity in classes is what keeps a server fresh and entertaining.
Without further delay let me introduce me to our new Class Paths:

  • All our class paths have 2 different paths to choose from.Right and left.

  • In each path you can only choose left or right.For example,if you choose the left side you won't be able to add any points to the right side in the SAME path.

  • At any given time you can stop allocating points on one path and start investing in another.For instance,you have 5 points in defense but the rest of the options don't
    seem appealing to you.You can start investing your next points on one of the other paths(in this case offense,magic or utility).

  • The various options in the class paths always follow a chain-like system and cannot be chosen indepedently.For example,if you want the last option in the right side
    of the utility path you have to follow the way to get there,also picking up the previous bonuses,you can't just take it and move on to another path.

  • You earn Points by increasing your Level.Starting at 86 you earn 2 points for each Level all the way up to 95.(20 Points in total)

  • You can cancel the points you spent anytime and reallocate them.

Offense = The path to increase the offensive stats of fighters.

Defense = The path to increase the defensive stats.

Magic = The path to increase the offensive stats of mages.

Utility = The path to increase the utility of classes.

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