Ultimate/Extra skills detailed.

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« on: September 02, 2019, 03:50:40 AM »
Detailed list of our Ultimate Skills and Extra Skills

--> Sonic Death = You channel a sonic force which causes your weapon to strike multiple times the enemy.Requires a dual-sword weapon.Over-hit is possible.Requires Level 8 charges.Shield defence is ignored.Ignore's target's pDef over 3000.Critical hit is possible.

--> Spear of Leonidas = With no other option left,the dreadnought hurls his spear with all his might against the enemy.The impact usually leaves them staked to the ground for several seconds.(Can Root).Lethal is possible.Can be learned at 90.
+(Chain Skills)
--> Point Dash = Throw your spear to your enemy,if the root lands,instantly rush to your target.Requires Spear of Leonidas to land.Can be learned at 91
Dreadnought's Ultimate is Heavenly Spears.
Heavenly Spears = With all his mighty ,the Dreadnought summons three spears from heavens to strike the enemy.Does piercing damage and AoE.High lethal rate.

Pheonix Knight
--> Soul of the Pheonix = Call upon the soul of your Pheonix to deal damage to your target.Does AoE in a small radius.Can slow.

Hell Knight
--> Soul of the Beast = Call upon the soul of your inner Lion to deal damage to your target.Does mass fear if it lands.

--> Throwing Knife = Throwing your dagger at your enemy,slowing them by 50% for 5 seconds.If it lands,you can use Waylay.
+(Chain Skills)
--> Waylay = Instantly teleports to your target's back.Can be used only if Throwing Knife lands.

--> Seven Flame Hawks = Shoot 7 arrows filled with the energy of the pheonix to attack the enemies at the front.Long cast range.Undodgable.Burns the target for 10 seconds.Aggro drawn during this skill is minimal. Fire element of 60 power.Requires a bow.Over-hit,critical is possible.

--> Groundstrike Fire = With the power that your were given,you can create a path of fire to deal damage to anyone standing its way.Burns target for 10 seconds.

--> Darkness = Surround yourself with the power of the dark arts,damaging enemies with Dark attack.Has a chance to cause paralyze to your enemies.Drains 50% of the damage dealt as HP.

Arcana Lord
--> Awakening = Lose most of your skills and your humanity to transform yourself into a beast having your overall stats increased.

--> Heaven's Call = Granted with the power of the heavens,Physical skills cannot crit on you,pDef +100,Casting range +100.

Eva's Templar
--> Skyfall = Summon from heavens a giant rock to strike your enemies.Does AoE damage and has a chance to stun anyone in range.

Sword Muse
--> Soul Pressure = Forcefully strike the general area of your enemy with a fierce energy and instantly immobilizes them.

Wind Rider
--> Secret Slayer Veil = Go invisible for a set amount of time.While invisible,critical damage and speed increases.Can be used in combat zone also.Can be used twice before cooldown sets in.

Moonlight Sentinel
--> Endless Rain = Causes endless arrows to rain from the sky to attack around the enemy.The arrows will pin your enemies to the ground causing temporary root.Ignores shields.Aggro drawn during this skill is minimal.Long cast time.Undodgeable.Requires a bow.Over-hit,critical is possible.

Mystic Muse
--> Greater Hydro Blast = Use an improved version of the classic Hydro Blast.Does damage in a small AoE radius and slow down targets dramatically for 3 seconds.

Elemental Master
--> Awakening = Lose most of your skills and your humanity to transform yourself into a beast having your overall stats increased.

Eva's Saint
--> Awakening = Increases party's movement speed by 200 and resist to debuffs by 80% for 8 seconds.Can be learned at 90 Level.
--> Heaven's Call = Granted with the power of the heavens,Physical skills cannot crit on you,pDef +100,Casting range +100.

Shilien Templar
--> Final Lightning Strike = A forbidden spell that should stay forbidden.Turns the sky red and calls down lightnings that damages enemies around yourself.Can paralyze.

Spectral Dancer
--> Samurai's Rage = Makes user invincible.Increases user's Critical rate by 35%, run speed by 100,Critical damage by 30%, Attack speed by 50,Damage absorb by 5%,Accuracy by 20 for 5 seconds.Can be used when HP is under 20%

Ghost Hunter
--> Hunter's Pray = For 6 seconds push yourself to exceed your limits.Speed +100,Blow rate +30%,Back angle +50%,Critical damage by 50%.After the skill ends,a debuff will be applied for 5 seconds which gives you lower stats.

Ghost Sentinel
--> Ghost Festival =Shoots 7 arrows mixed with the energy of a ghost to attack the enemies at the front.High lethal chance.Ignores pDef over 3000.Ignores Shields.Aggro drawn during this skill is minimal.Requires a bow.Over-hit,Critical.

Storm Screamer
--> Everlasting whrilwind = Summon a fierce tornado that deals damage to your target and anyone who is close.Wind Attack.

Spectral Master
--> Awakening = Lose most of your skills and your humanity to transform yourself into a beast having your overall stats increased.

Shilien Saint
--> Mass Invisibility = Grants invisibility to everyone in your party within 600 range for 20 seconds.Can be used in combat mode.No run speed penalties.

--> Titan's Wrath = Charges the enemy with wrath.Since you are a fat orc.Can knockdown.

Grand Khavatari
--> Lunacy = Decreases pDef ,mDef by 40%.Increases your speed by 15,Skill power +15%.Skill critical damage +5%,+1 at max charges, +100 Max critical rate.Each charge gives 0.013% Physical damage to your skills.After the skills ends,a debuff will applied which lowers your stats.

--> Mind Fortress = Offer to Pa'agrio your own life force to save your allies.Heals 5000 CP to all your Clan and Ally but consumes 2000 HP and 3000 MP.

--> Purging Flames = Offer up some of your HP to Pa'agrio in exchange for bestowed power in flames to purge the land of infidels ,heretics ,heathens ,and dwarves.Heals 3000 HP to your Clan and Ally but consumes 2000 HP and 3000 MP.

--> Final Ground Strike = The forbidden ground strike skill that was never seen untill now.Deals damage AoE around you.Removes target.If lands ,damage is increased when using 2h weapons.

Fortune Seeker
--> Final Berserker = Become the ultimate killing machine at a cost.Cast to remove all debuffs on self and receive a 6 seconds invincibility buff which lowers HP by 35% ,increases attack speed by 200 ,run speed by 25 , Attack targets by 2 , Attack angle by 90 and attack range by 40.Skill is only useable when you have at leave 40% HP remaining.

--> Midair Slash = Slash the air to blow far away enemies infront of you and incurring major damage at the same time.Knockback chance.

--> Soul's Energy = Tear the very fabric of space to bring a ring of soul energy down to your enemy's head.Skill is hybrid.Deals damage ,both physical and magical.Can stun.Does small AoE.

--> Armor Ripper Trap = Summons a trap that causes physical damage and disarmors people.
--> Spike Trap = Make a trap our of spikes that you happen to carry around in your pocket!Does physical damage and triggers bleed status ,during the bleed you are hemorrhaged and will incurr damage to yourself if you run.

--> Dark Matter = Release the souls you collected by unleashing a huge dark matter which explodes upon impact.Does AoE in a small radius.Does damage with both physical and magical.Dark attack.

All those skills are yet to be tested on a live version of the server.They might change for balancing issues if needed.
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