Rebirth System

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« on: Yesterday at 02:24:49 AM »
Rebirth System

We've changed rebirth system to be more rewarding since there are no subclasses to exp, your main class will rebirth at level 94.
  After you rebirth you will be deleveled  to 92 and you will be rewarded with +1 STR, +1DEX, +1CON, (if you are a fighter class) +1INT, +1WIT, +1CON (if you are a mage class). VrqBA.png" border="0
Support classes such as Cardinals, Elders, Dominators and Doomcryers wont be deleveled upon their rebirth so they get to keep their ultimate skills.

  In order to rebirth you need to own a Rebirth Stone Vrc62.png" border="0 and to have the required amount of PvPs (500 PvPs 1st Rebirth, 1500 2nd, 2500 3rd).

Max Rebirths are 3, but there will be some raids that will grand you your 4th rebirth, later in the game. 4th rebirth's rewards will stay hidden till then.
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