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« on: July 23, 2019, 02:12:07 PM »
Olympiad System

We tried to make olympiad a more balanced competition than it was before, for example some major problems such as, Hell Knight's overpowered Panther, Adventurer's dominance in the field, Healers-Elders being literally unplayable(and so on),  have been changed.

    In Olympiad you could do so little to differentiate from your opponent(dyes, buffs etc). So in order to reward players that spent hours farming and playing olympiad games and to encourage players to build their own set up, we added some new tiers of armors that you can obtain through Olympiad boxes in farming areas,instances and from Olympiad shop with your Tokens.
Don't worry, those stats have a small impact inside Olympiad but it's still an impact.

    Olympiad Armors:
        S Grade Sets:
           Jv79y.png" border="0Jvxww.png" border="0Jvogh.png" border="0
         Apella Sets:
            Jvhq1.png" border="0JvYnx.png" border="0Jv9mG.png" border="0

        Dark Crystal Sets:
            JvRjq.png" border="0Jv2BO.png" border="0Jvu60.png" border="0

        Majestic Sets:
            Jvr96.png" border="0Jvis4.png" border="0Jvpwr.png" border="0

        Tallum Sets:
             JvK0U.png" border="0JvnH2.png" border="0Jv0oA.png" border="0

        Nightmare Sets:
              JvG8k.png" border="0JvSRs.png" border="0JveqY.png" border="0

      In Olympiad boxes there are some Enhanced parts that you get at decent chances. Those parts will enhance your stats a little bit more(Still nothing to be afraid of.There wont be any gaps in stats at all inside olympiad). For example:
JPr12.png" border="0JPiiU.png" border="0JPDbA.png" border="0
    Enhanced parts make set with normal ones.

       Example of a complete set:
JUvGm.png" border="0JPSlH.png" border="0JPGUC.png" border="0JPW2s.png" border="0

       We wanted registration to be as fast as it could be, along with checking your rank, canceling registration and using olympiad's shop, so we implemented an updated panel for Olympiad manager.
                                                                  JUUbi.png" border="0

       We also wanted ranking system to be clear, accurate and decisive. For that we implemented a ranking system that will show your rank, points and your matches.Now you will be fully aware if your enemy is feeding(low matches/alot of points) or how far ahead/behind he is from you.
                                                                  JUP5F.png" border="0

      Finally for the first time, you will be able to prepare for your fight.
                                                                   Screenshot-4" border="0
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