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General Discussion / Re: Hello
« Last post by Yeaza on Today at 02:06:56 PM »
General Discussion / Re: Hello
« Last post by GranKain on Today at 01:49:50 PM »
Hello and welcome.We propably will open by the end of September or early october!
General Discussion / Hello
« Last post by Yeaza on Today at 12:40:29 PM »
Hey just saw the server when its going to open?any date yet?
Server Features / Rebirth System
« Last post by Coco on Yesterday at 02:24:49 AM »
Rebirth System

We've changed rebirth system to be more rewarding since there are no subclasses to exp, your main class will rebirth at level 94.
  After you rebirth you will be deleveled  to 92 and you will be rewarded with +1 STR, +1DEX, +1CON, (if you are a fighter class) +1INT, +1WIT, +1CON (if you are a mage class). VrqBA.png" border="0
Support classes such as Cardinals, Elders, Dominators and Doomcryers wont be deleveled upon their rebirth so they get to keep their ultimate skills.

  In order to rebirth you need to own a Rebirth Stone Vrc62.png" border="0 and to have the required amount of PvPs (500 PvPs 1st Rebirth, 1500 2nd, 2500 3rd).

Max Rebirths are 3, but there will be some raids that will grand you your 4th rebirth, later in the game. 4th rebirth's rewards will stay hidden till then.
Server Features / Chaotic Zone
« Last post by GranKain on August 02, 2019, 03:45:59 AM »
Chaotic Zone is a area which opens every weekend.
-Monsters there are harder in packs.
-Its a chaotic zone so anyone can kill you to get your spot without any karma.
-Drops are different and Exp gain is higher.

The area is devided into Easy and Hard.
-When you enter the area you can find the easy mobs.You can kill those mobs solo or with a small party.

-As you walk further inside the area you'll find the hard mobs which you can kill with a small party or a big one.
*You can also find some Raids in there.

Server Features / Raiding-Preview
« Last post by GranKain on July 23, 2019, 02:12:17 PM »
We have devided Raidbosses into four categories.

-Level 85/91
Typical 85/91 Raidbosses.The only difference are the drops and the difficulty.

-Level 92 *Unique Weapons Raidbosses*.
From those Raidbosses you can drop Unique Weapons.Their difficulty is challenging.

-Level 93 *Special Tattoo Raidbosses*.
Those Raidbosses are hard.They are pretty much for mid/endgame.They drop parts of new custom tattoos in order to create the last tier tattoo.

-Level 94 *Clan Reputation Raidbosses*.
Clan Raidbosses.Huge amounts of Clan reputation.Very Challenging.

-Level 95 *GrandBosses*
Endgame Raidbosses.Insane drops.Will need many people.

Raiding is important.It will make your clan and urself stronger faster.
Server Features / Olympiad
« Last post by GranKain on July 23, 2019, 02:12:07 PM »
Olympiad System

We tried to make olympiad a more balanced competition than it was before, for example some major problems such as, Hell Knight's overpowered Panther, Adventurer's dominance in the field, Healers-Elders being literally unplayable(and so on),  have been changed.

    In Olympiad you could do so little to differentiate from your opponent(dyes, buffs etc). So in order to reward players that spent hours farming and playing olympiad games and to encourage players to build their own set up, we added some new tiers of armors that you can obtain through Olympiad boxes in farming areas,instances and from Olympiad shop with your Tokens.
Don't worry, those stats have a small impact inside Olympiad but it's still an impact.

    Olympiad Armors:
        S Grade Sets:
           Jv79y.png" border="0Jvxww.png" border="0Jvogh.png" border="0
         Apella Sets:
            Jvhq1.png" border="0JvYnx.png" border="0Jv9mG.png" border="0

        Dark Crystal Sets:
            JvRjq.png" border="0Jv2BO.png" border="0Jvu60.png" border="0

        Majestic Sets:
            Jvr96.png" border="0Jvis4.png" border="0Jvpwr.png" border="0

        Tallum Sets:
             JvK0U.png" border="0JvnH2.png" border="0Jv0oA.png" border="0

        Nightmare Sets:
              JvG8k.png" border="0JvSRs.png" border="0JveqY.png" border="0

      In Olympiad boxes there are some Enhanced parts that you get at decent chances. Those parts will enhance your stats a little bit more(Still nothing to be afraid of.There wont be any gaps in stats at all inside olympiad). For example:
JPr12.png" border="0JPiiU.png" border="0JPDbA.png" border="0
    Enhanced parts make set with normal ones.

       Example of a complete set:
JUvGm.png" border="0JPSlH.png" border="0JPGUC.png" border="0JPW2s.png" border="0

       We wanted registration to be as fast as it could be, along with checking your rank, canceling registration and using olympiad's shop, so we implemented an updated panel for Olympiad manager.
                                                                  JUUbi.png" border="0

       We also wanted ranking system to be clear, accurate and decisive. For that we implemented a ranking system that will show your rank, points and your matches.Now you will be fully aware if your enemy is feeding(low matches/alot of points) or how far ahead/behind he is from you.
                                                                  JUP5F.png" border="0

      Finally for the first time, you will be able to prepare for your fight.
                                                                   Screenshot-4" border="0
Server Features / PvP's-Preview
« Last post by GranKain on July 23, 2019, 02:11:55 PM »
PvPing is one of the most important things in a server.We encourage the players to PvP most of the time by rewarding them with PvP Tokens.
-PvP Tokens will be used in PvP Merchant and in various items in order to buy them.
-PvPing will change your colour name/title.
-PvPing will give you new PvP Skills that makes you stronger.
-PvPing will give you transformation skills which you can use for Res/UD etc.

Our two main PvP zones are Gludin and Hunters.

Gludin Village/Party PvP Area.

Hunter Village/Solo PvP Area.

Server Features / Skills-Preview
« Last post by GranKain on July 23, 2019, 02:11:39 PM »
We have modyfied the skills of some classes for balancing issues.
-We have added new skills for most of the classes.
-We have nerfed or boosted some skills.
-We have deleted some useless low lvl skills.
-We have reworked Hierophant.
-We have made possible to join in the same party 1 Elder and 1 Cardinal without any penalties.

Hierophant is now a ranged fighter.Hitting with magic abilities but inflicts Physical damage.Doesnt have auto attacks potential.Build P.Atk and Atk.Speed.
Some of his new skills.More in game.

We have added Ultimate Skills to each class.At level 94 you will auto learn a strong skill that will work like an Ultimate for each class.Some of them is pure damage and some of them are supportive buffs or own buffs.

We have also added some New Clan Skills in order to make Clan Reputation more fun and more rewarding.
Having these Clan Skills will give you a nice advantage over others.

More videos of Ultimate Skills will folow soon.Stay Tuned
Server Features / Certification System
« Last post by GranKain on July 22, 2019, 03:45:41 AM »
Certifications have been completely reworked.We wanted to change Pride's style everyday routine in which you kept on exping different classes in order to build your main class.We removed sub-certification completely.We added every Certification in our Legendary Trader so you can buy them from there.

How Certifications will work:
-we have divided them into 3 Tiers.




-There are no limits on how many certification you can learn BUT they will be so expensive and time consuming.
-We have added also some new Ceritifications like Accuracy and Vampiric.
-We have made all the stats flat.(P.Atk +150 etc)Each certification gives a flat stat.Always check descriptions before buying.
-All Certifications will be buyable by completing Instances and entering Events.
-We have lowered and made the Exp a lot harder since there are no subs to exp anymore.Focus on your main class and build on it all the way!

By choosing the wrong Certification or changing your mind after you bought it GMs are not allowed to refund or change your Certification skill for you.Choose wisely.
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