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L2Trinity and L2Luna Merge

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Greetings everyone, sorry it's been some time since you last heard from me!
There had been some personal issues I had to take care of and that's why the Server's development was interrupted.
Everything seems to have been sorted out now and it looks like there are some great news!
I had a conversation with the Admin of L2Luna . We discussed about a lot of things concerning us but we mainly focused on one thing, the community of this L2 pack.
We came to the conclusion that the fore said community is pretty much stable and remains basically the same through the years.
That's because of the pack they love and wish to keep playing! Considering that, we knew that it is essential to merge the two Servers into one, in order to get the best possible outcome for you! At all costs, we wanted to avoid making you "choose" between L2 Trinity and L2 Luna.
The community would get scattered and that's the worst thing that can happen to any Server.
Both our Servers are brand new, both include amazing and unique features and most importantly both Servers have Admins that actually care.
So, we came to an aggreement to make it reality! Now without further delay, we announce you that our new L2 Trinity will run on L2 Luna's bugless source (Event Engine, HWID, etc), while the datapack will remain the same. We will combine your favourite features into one Server! There will always be constant updates, longevity, reliability but most importantly no corruption! The Beta Stage will be announced later on when the server is almost ready.It won't take long.
We want to test literally everything. Every little detail there is. We will keep on working and fixing every single issue that comes to surface while the Server is still in Beta mode. With your invaluable assistance and our new skillful Team, L2 Trinity will become the one and only everlasting pride pack to play. Stay Tuned.

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