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  1. The Grand Opening of our server has been decided! It's going to take place this Sunday (5th of January 2020) Timezones 13 : 00 GMT UK 15 : 00 GMT +2 GR 10 : 00 GMT -3 BR 09 : 00 GMT -4 Vzla 20 : 00 GMT + 7Vietnam A new patch will be uploaded in the following days. Those who already have the patch, just run your Updaters before the opening.
  2. GranKain

    Clan Event

    Ηello everyone, Since the Opening of our server is coming, we would like to host a Clan Event. Clans with more than 10 members will get 1 clan skill and 1 SHADOW support Accessory (Solace Crest, Angel Halo, Goddess Circlet, Plastic Hair, Romantic Chapeau) Clans with more than 15 members will get 2 clan skills 2 SHADOW support Accessory (Solace Crest, Angel Halo, Goddess Circlet, Plastic Hair, Romantic Chapeau) Clans with more than 20 members will get 3 clans skills and 3 SHADOW support Accessory (Solace Crest, Angel Halo, Goddess Circlet, Plastic Hair, Romantic Chapeau) Register by posting here the number of members your clan will have on the G.O Day. For example : Clan Name: GameMasters. Clan members: 15+ Clan Leader:GranKain. *(Shadow accessories will help you farm faster early game and will last for 15 days)*
  3. Every class in L2Trinity has a unique skill that works like an Ultimate thats useable at 94 Level Duelist -> Sonic Death (You channel a sonic force which causes your weapon to strike the enemy multiple times.Requires 8 charges.Shield defence is ignored as well as pDef more than 3000.) Dreadnought ->Heavenly Spears (With all his might ,the Dreadnought summons three spears from heavens to strike the enemy.Does high damage and can AoE.) Pheonix Knight --> Soul of the Pheonix (Call upon the soul of your Pheonix to strike your enemy.Can root.) Hell Knight -->Soul of the Beast (Call upon the soul of your inner Lion to strike your enemy.Does mass fear if lands.) Adventurer --> Throwing Knife (Throw your dagger at your enemy to deal high damage.If it lands ,you slow the target by 50% for 5 seconds and you can use Waylay.) *Chain skill* --> Waylay (Instantly teleport to your target's back.Can be used only if Throwing Knife lands.) Sagittarius -->Seven Flame Hawks (Shoot 7 arrows filled with the energy of the phoenix to attack the enemies at the front.Long cast range.Undodgable.Burns target for 10 seconds.) Archmage --> Groundstrike Fire (With the power that you were given ,you can create a path of fire to deal damage to anyone standing its way.Burns target for 10 seconds.) Soultaker -->Darkness (Surround yourself with the power of the dark arts ,damaging enemies with Dark power and has a chance to paralyze the target.Drains 50% of the damage dealt as HP.) Arcana Lord -->Awakened Cougar (You and your pet become one.Transform yourself into a beast.Absorb damage +5% ,Absorb skill damage +5% ,pAtk +20% ,p/mDef +20% ,Critical Rate +100 ,Runspeed +10 ,MaxHP +30%.) Cardinal -->Heaven's Call (Calls upon the power of Heaven.For 30 seconds Physical skills cannot crit on you ,p/mDef +300 ,Casting range +100 ,Deflect Magic +20%.) Hierophant -->Decieve (Summon a mirror image that distracts the enemy.Can be used twice before cooldown sets in.) Eva's Templar -->Skyfall (Summon from Heavens a giant rock to strike your enemies.Does small AoE damage and can stun.) Sword Muse -->Force Explosion (Forcefully strike the general area of your enemy with a fierce energy and instantly immobilizes enemies in the area.) Wind Rider -->Secret Slayer Veil (Go invisible for a set amount of time by throwing a smoke bomb.Can be used during combat mode.While invisible, critical damage increases.Can be used twice before cooldown sets in.) Moonlight Sentinel -->Endless Rain (Causes arrows to rain from the sky to attack around enemies.The arrows will pin your enemies to the ground causing temporary root.Ignores shields.) Mystic Muse -->Greater Hydro Blast (Use an improved version of the classic Hydro blast.Does damage in a small AoE radius and slows down targets dramatically for 3 seconds.) Elemental Master -->Awakened Holy Mage (To be added) Eva's Saint -->Heaven's Call (Calls upon the power of Heaven.For 30 seconds Physical skills cannot crit on you ,p/mDef +300 ,Casting range +100 ,Deflect Magic +20%.) Shillien Templar -->Final Lightning Strike (A forbidden spell that only the Dark Elves have mastered so far.Turns the sky red and calls down multiple lightnings to strike your enemies in a AoE radius.) Spectral Dancer --> Samurai's Rage (Makes user invincible. Increases user's Critical Rate by 35% ,Runspeed by 100 ,Critical damage by 30% ,Attackspeed by 50, Absorb damage by 5% ,Accuracy by 50 for 7 seconds. Can be used when HP is under 20%.) Ghost Hunter -->Hunter's Pray (For 10 seconds push yourself to exceed your limits. Speed +100 ,blow rate +30% ,Back angle +50% ,Critical damage by 50% ,After the skill ends, a debuff will be applied for 5 seconds which gives you lower stats.) Ghost Sentinel -->Ghost Festival (Shoot 7 arrows mixed with the energy of a ghost to attack your enemies to the front.High lethal chance. Ignores pDef over 3000. Ignores shields.) Storm Screamer -->Everlasting Whirlwind (Summon a fierce tornado that deals damage to your target and anyone who is close.Wind Attack.) Spectral Master -->Awakened Demon (Transform yourself into a Demon. Max HP +20%, Damage to heavy +15% ,True damage on bleeding targets +100, Critical damage +20%, Blow rate +10%, p/mDef +10%, Damage on criticals +150.) Shillien Saint -->Heaven's Call (Calls upon the power of Heaven.For 30 seconds Physical skills cannot crit on you ,p/mDef +300 ,Casting range +100 ,Deflect Magic +20%.) Titan -->Titan's Wrath (Charges at your enemy with wrath.) Grand Khavatari --> Lunacy (Can only be used during the night. Decreases p/mDef by 25%. Increases your speed by 20, Skill power by 15%, Skill critical chance by 5%, Max charges +1, Max critical rate +100.Each charge gives 0.013% physical damage to your skills.) Dominator -->Mind Fortress (Offer to Pa'agrio your own life force to save your allies. For 15 seconds Heals CP by 500 per second to your Clan and Ally but consumes 2000 HP and 3000 MP and lowers your Max CP ,p/mDef.) Doomcryer -->Purging Flames (Οffer some of your HP to Pa'agrio in exchange for bestowed power in flames to purge the land of infidels, heretics, heathens, and dwarves. For 15 seconds Heals 500 HP per second to you Clan and Ally but consumes 2000 HP and 3000 MP and lowers your Max CP ,p/mDef.) Maestro -->Final Groundstrike (The forbidden grounstrike skill that was never seen until now. Deals damage AoE around you. Removes target if it lands. Deals more damage if used with 2h weapons.) Fortune Seeker -->Final Berserker (Become the ultimate killing machine at a cost. Cast to remove all debuffs on self and receive a 8 second invincibility. Lowers Max CP, sets HP regen/Vampiric to 0, Increases attackspeed by 200, Runspeed by 200, AoE attack targets by 2, Attack angle by 90 and Attack range by 40. Skill is only usable when you have at least 40% HP remaining.) Trickster -->Armor Ripper Trap (Summon a trap that damages and disarmors people.) -- >Spike Trap (Make a trap out of spikes that you happen to curry around in your pocket! Does physical damage and triggers bleed status, during the bleed you are hemorrhaged and will incur damage to youself if you run..) Doombringer -->Midair Slash (Slash the air to blow far away enemies infront of you and incurring major damage at the same time. Knockback chance.) Soulhound -->Soul Pressure (Tear the very fabric of space to bring a ring of soul energy down to your enemy's head. Can stun.Does AoE.) Judicator -->Dark Matter (Strike your enemy with a dark matter in a small AoE radium.Dark attack)
  4. L2Trinity has Forgotten Temple as a Chaotic Zone.It's divided into two sides.Blue side and Red side. Blue Side Blue side is filled with easier monsters.Party size is 2 to 4 players. Red Side Red side is filled with hard and agressive monsters.Each room is hard to clear but area is very rewarding.Party size is 5 to 10 players. Chaotic zone in L2Trinity is NIGHT SPAWN.That means chaotic will be available every day during the night. In the area you can also find some more monsters that will help you farm nucleus souls. Blue Side Nucleus Farm. Typical solo monsters for nucleus. Red Side Nucleus Farm. Those monsters are harder that the usual ones.Requires at least 3 or more players to kill them.Highly rewarding.
  5. L2Trinity has 3 Instance zones. Easy to mild difficulty and extremely helpful for leveling up as the XP gains are massive. It is suitable for all gears as drops may vary from very low to very high. (Players: 3 | Completion time: 35 minutes ) The difficulty and possible rewards are exclusively decided by you. You may choose and kill any Raid Boss you desire. (Players: 4-8 | Completion time: 120 minutes ) Consists of 12 floors (Raid Boss: Floor 4, 8 & 11,12). Embryo Fortress is divided with floors.Lower Floors and Upper Floors. Lower Floors are easy to clear however Upper Floors are harder.You may find different types of monthers and some APCs. Can be fairly hard but rather rewarding. (Players: 8-10 | Completion time: 80 minutes )
  6. L2Trinity has two PvP zones. Hunter's Village It's a Disquised solo PvP zone. Gludin Village It's a Party PvP zone.
  7. Our Server has one farm zone which is divided into Solo/Mid and Party. Parnassus Solo/Mid Farming zone Chromatic Highlands Party Farming zone
  8. Hello everyone and welcome to our project. L2 Trinity’s name wasn’t miraculously sprung out of the developers’ minds but was rather naturally born from the three major things that they had in mind while creating this Server. Three major things that are the fundamental elements in order to give birth to an online game that is stable, popular and above all entertaining. Constant Development: It is essential to keep an eye on the Server Community’s thoughts and concerns, as it is the key to understand everything that is going on, keep evolving and always be up to date and balanced. Competitive Gaming: What everyone seeks in a High Rate PvP/PvE Server is to have a thrilling gaming experience, lots of action and of course fun. Survivability: Combining both Constant Development and Competitive Gaming, alongside with an ever growing Community, is what makes a healthy and balanced Server to last long. This trinity of things is what we believe will make our Server stand out and give you what you are looking for. The GM Team welcomes you! Server’s Features High Rate PvP/PvE Server (Pride Pack) Gracia Final Client NPC Buffer (fast and easy to use) Automatic Events (auto generated Events every 80 minutes) Olympiad (custom/reworked and perfectly balanced for all Classes) Farming Areas (vast farming areas for solo/party and low/high geared players) New Custom Instances (New and reworked instances to try your luck.) Merchants (placed in almost every peaceful zone of the map) Balanced Economy (from low to high gear we have managed to balance it out) Custom Enchant Rates (fair and balanced on each gear level) PvP Name/Title Colours (as your PvP points increase your name and title colour changes) PvP Rewarding System (rewards you with PvP Token, which can be used on PvP Merchant) Starting/Subclass Level: 85 Maximum Level: 95 (getting harder by the level)
  9. Our server has some new items. NEW RELICS NEW WEAPONS
  10. GranKain


    L2Trinity successfully launched as beta Full Patch Update #1
  11. GranKain

    Change Logs

    -------- Merged L2Luna and L2Trinity -------- Created a new Updater which will download all the Client Files in your L2Folder. Implemented DressMe system. Reworked almost all accessories, implemented new mechanics. Replaced DVC with stage based Embryo Instance. Implemented Chaotic Zone as night spawn only.(Not only weekends.) Made Hunter's Village a disguised area. Fixed bunch of skills and their cooldowns. Re-Enabled Animations on skills which is crucial for some classes.(e.x Healers mass res etc) Reworked Certifications stats a bit. Made Certifications Untradeable/Undroppable and quest item.Now you can buy a Certification and you can use it to any sub.(Every Certi has LvL restrictions). Reworked Solo/Party mobs and all droplists.(Further testing on Beta Stage.) Implemented a new Community Board. Implemented Luna's Event Engine. Removed previous ClassPath system and we will add a new one. Added Parnassus as Solo/Mid farm zone while Chromatic Highlands as Party farm area.
  12. Game rules Please stick to the following results to prevent inadvertent damage or loss Always treat the staff with respect, if you have a problem with an individual staff member. Any use of programs that directly or indirectly affects your Lineage II client are prohibited. Usage of these programs may result a warning or an immediate permanent ban. (Additional note: For those who don't understand this - it means you may not use Clickers either) The use of any 3rd party programs is prohibited. Usage may result a warning or an immediate permanent ban. Modifying the client in such a way that it may grant you an advantage over others is not allowed. Selling your gear or attempting to sell gear for monetary currencies is not allowed. This is a bannable offense (Additional note: This rule is enforced to protect our players from being victim of scams, do not forget that the seller may recall the gear and when he does - we take it back from YOUR character) Buying gear or attempting to buy gear for monetary currencies is not allowed. This is a bannable offense (Additional note: This rule is enforced to protect our players from being victim of scams, do not forget that the seller may recall the gear and when he does - we take it back from YOUR character) Abusing exploits of any kind is a bannable offense. Report it to the staff as soon as possible and refrain from spreading it. Violation results in a permanent ban for those abusing it. The staff has the right to remove item(s) from your character(s) at any given time if we see a valid reason to do so. Our judgement will always be in the best interest of the server. Trade scamming is not allowed. If a trade is performed where items have been traded other than what is discussed - then it is the responsibility of both players to re-create the trading process to revert the wrong trade and finalize the trade as discussed. Please promote a healthy gameplay environment by refraining from scamming other players through trade. Scam shops are not allowed. This is done by setting a shop title that differs from the actual shop's content with the intention to scam players from their Adena. Please promote a healthy gameplay environment by refraining from setting up scam shops. Your Alliance is allowed to own only one Castle. If your clan already owns a castle, you are not allowed to create an alt clan and join the siege with alt chars.. Clan owner are not allowed to wall cast the artifact during siege trying to do so will result a warning or a jail time. Hero and Global chat channels (!,%) are English speaking channels, only English is allowed there. Violation to this rule will result a chat ban.
  13. Community Rules Please stick to the following results to prevent inadvertent damage or loss. By interacting with our community in any way you agree to these rules. Knowing these rules is your own responsibility. We enforce bans based on this with or without warnings. Always treat the staff with respect. The L2Trinity's Staff is allowed to delete your posts or topics at any moment for any reason. You may not complain publicly about deleted topics/posts. If you wish to complain do it in PM (Private Message) We do not tolerate any form of racism, sexism or your opinion that MAY be taken offensively. The staff is free to decide as to what is considered to fall under this category and what not. Flaming in the forum's Flaming Section is allowed as long as it does not violate with any of the above-mentioned rule(s). Treat others with respect and dignity outside of the Flaming Section. This includes negative comments towards fellow community members. Wish to flame or drop negative comments? Use the flaming section. You may not spam the forum with topics - be it a repetition of previously made posts or posts that are of no added value. Respect our boards and the community within it. You may not post with the direct or indirect intention to advertise other servers. You may not post private content or information about human individuals without their permission. Only exceptions are celebrities or commonly known people. You may not post or set sexual content. There is a zero tolerance policy in effect for bad behavior towards the staff or server. If you have suggestions, thoughts or complaints do them in a constructive way.
  14. If you got to this point there is only one reason you're ready to play L2Trinity's Server. In order to connect to the server you will have to get the following files: 1 - Lineage 2 Gracia Final Client 2 - L2 Trinity Full Patch (MEGA) / Patch (Google Drive) Patch (MediaFire) 3 - L2 Trinity's Updater (TBA) Get online and start growing your reputation. Welcome to L2 Trinity!!