Server Information


Exp/SP: x9300 / 3000
Adena: x5500
Drop: x1
Raid Boss Drop: x1
Spoil: Disabled
Quest Drop: Disabled
Quest Reward: Disabled
Manor: Disabled
Safe Enchant: Tier Depended
Max Enchant: Tier Depended
Enchant Chance: Tier Depended


Maximum Clients per PC: 3
Infinite duration on all buffs, dances, songs, summon, prophecies.
Buff slots: Mages: 25 / Daggers: 26 / Fighters: 28 (+4 Divine Inspiration)
Skills are auto learn.
Automatic loot for monsters and raids.
1st, 2nd, 3rd profession change for free on Cubic.
Sub-Class FREE (Doesn't require Quest)
Certification skills unique custom system


NPC Buffer with all the important buffs.
Ranking System in Community Board.
Customized shift+click on Monsters revealing detailed stats and drops.
Mysterious Merchant up to Dread Items.
Custom Class Path System.
Cubic GateKeeper with all the important zones.
Unique Certification System available also on sub.


The Olympiad period on L2Trinity is 2 only 2 weeks long. Olympiad ends on the second Saturday of the period, every time. This means on the second Sunday there will be no Olympiad matches held, and Olympiad will resume with the next period on Monday. Heroes will be chosen shortly after the last match ends on the second Saturday. Due to the massive customizations in our server, we restrict equipment to normal S Grade armor. Due to the nature of some of the reworked skills we also restrict some skills, that would otherwise imbalance Olympiad. Players who compete in the Grand Olympiad games will not be able to use; accessories, belts, talismens, capes or any type of augmented item. Also no matter what enchant items are they will be auto enchanted to +6. Elements and Skill enchants are set to 0 during the Olympiad Match. Because of the diversity of players on L2Trinity we have staggered our Olympiad times to best suit all nationalities, the times are as follows:


1000 PvP - Color Name
2000 PvP - Color Name
3000 PvP - Color Name
4000 PvP - Color Name
5000 PvP - Color Name
6500 PvP - Color Name
8500 PvP - Color Name
12000 PvP - Color Name
25000 PvP - Color Name


500 - PvP Music
1000 - Battle/Magic force
2000 - PvP Firecracker
3000 - PvP Blessed Body
4000 - PvP Skill Recharge
6000 - PvP Skill Focus
7000 - PvP Debuff - Increase Weight
8000 - PvP Debuff Death Whisper
9500 - PvP Skill Might/Empower
11000 - PvP Medusa - Petrifies a target.
13500 - PvP Skill Berserker Spirit
17000 - PvP Resurrection
21000 - PvP Skill Wind Walk


You are rewarded temporary hero once you accumulate 30 kills without dying or logging out. You will get a message at 25 kill that you're on a killing spree. But once you reach 30, it will announce to the server that So-And-So is on a killing spree! When on a killing spree you have access to all the Hero skills including the special custom ones Race restricted of course. There are 2 other announcements, Rampage at 60 kills, and Postal at 90. When you die while on a killing spree, it will announce the amount of kills you had, and who killed you and you will lose your hero, unless you were Postal, in which case you will still have hero for 1 more death, but your "spree" will be over.


Description: To list some. These raid bosses have tricky skill combinations and special properties and passives that will force you and your party to work together like never before, for example Lilith has 80% reduced damage from behind and resists 80% of Dread Weapon's damage overall. She has a 20% chance to reflect physical skills, Uses Demon Wind which knocks the tank back and reduces incoming heal effectiveness. When a Raid Boss is killed it will announce which one, who killed it and their clan name.