Beta Changelogs

Beta Changelogs October 27, 2022

Changes during the beta phase. (some might be noticeable after Server's restart) and you have to run your updater as well.

  • Fixed an issue with Zaken instance porting players in orc village(needs restart).
  • Fixed broken/wrong descriptions (Run your updater).
  • Changed enchants glows on Titanium/Valyrian weapons so we avoid everything being red (Run your updater).
  • Changed Uniform hat so its more suitable to non archer/trickster classes as well, since the above already have a lot of options(Run your updater).
  • Fixed an issue with skill enchant above +4 and changing the enchant route (Needs Server Restart)
  • Fixed an issue with Enira's Fan/Titanium Phantom Heal power per enchant capping at +10 (Server restart needed).
  • Changed Dominator/Judicator/Warcryer/Prophet Clan/Party buffs from 30-->90 sec and adjusted their effects accordingly.
  • Fixed an issue with Major/Group Major Heal and Greater Battle Heal on Cost Skill Enchant.
  • Legacy/Supreme Tier on Tit/Unique Weapons will now Add Heal/CP Heal/PvP Damage.(Server restart)
  • Fixed an issue with White half mask flat 100 hp/cp on heals (Server Restart)
  • Added missing skills on Class Path Defense tree. (Server Restart).
  • Added missing icons on DK skills on Autofarm.
  • Added 5% Overall Damage on PvE (Might be removed later on) to make the early server stage a bit easier.
  • Slight P.Atk Boost on Titan using Big blunt/Big Sword.. 

AutoFarm related Changes

  • Added *Heal lowest HP Member* option for healers (Can be found on Party Target section).
  • Added Folow Target selection option. (Can be found in main menu).
  • Removed Emergent heal since it's more efficient to use the *Heal lowest HP Member* option. Emergent heal will be converted to emergent skills on filtered situations.
  • Moved shortcuts menu to Extra Options Menu.
  • Added pages on Drop Recorder.
  • Categorized items with colors depended on their type inside the Drop Recorder Panel.


October - November Changelogs

Changelogs November 21, 2022

28th of October:

  • RaidBosses will radar for players with same HWID and port them back to town.
  • RaidBosses level 85 will flagged people as well.
  • RaidBosses will announce on instant hit.
  • Autofarm's duration is 8 hours || Extra hours can be optaining while participating in events. 

3rd of November:

  • Disabled synergy on transformed Tanks/Domi/Healer/Judicator classes
  • Enabled Email-Hwid bind.
  • Disabled some item ids(Silver/Blue Eva/Festival Adena/Rusty Medals) from storing on auction house to prevent tricky transactions - you can always sell them by using trade chat.

9th of November:

  • Issues with Clan/Ally on Hunting Grounds fixed.
  • Boosted some Valyrian weapons that were under-performing compared to Titanium/Unique on PvE.
  • Fixed an issue with Shield of Faith not being enchantable.
  • Fixed issue with Enuma Elish on Transformed Judicator.
  • Embryo/Dvc/Fafurion (Easy) will be added at 19:00 gmt +2.

14th of November:

  • Events will now grant a Unique Box (Quest Item) that adds 2 Hours of Autofarm time when used.
  • Fafurion/Dvc Instances will have as drop 2 Unique boxes that add 8 hours of Autofarm Each.
  • Embryo Instance will have as drop 3 Unique Boxes that add 10 hours of Autofarm.
  • An 24 hour cap has been added on the Autofarm System.
  • DVC/Embryo/Farurion are now reused Weekly.
  • Frintezza/Zaken/Freya Instances removed.
  • Ultraverse (Aden) Instance is now added. (The best raidboss spawned right now is Barakiel).

16 of November:

  • Fixed an issue with Foreguard rarely not blocking Physical Critical skills. (Change is Live just restart your char if you use Foreguard.)
  • Fixed an issue on Shillien Saint/Eva's Saint causing the First to deal more damage on Olympiad and the second dealing less Damage than intended, after the Transformation changes. (The issue will be completely resolved when the Olympiad period ends) so everyone plays their match with the same stats.
  • Reverted the PvE/PvP nerf (outside Olympiad games)
  • For Shillien/Eva's Saint/Cardinal when transformed.
  • Changed Lord of Vampire skill (Shillien Saint) from single target to party buff and Effect changed from 80-->30%.
  • Enabled Unholy Rage (Shillien Saint) to be usable when untransformed as well.
  • Bless the Blood (Shillien Saint) now correctly works on all Party members with a decreased chance 40%-->33%, Increased Cooldown time and decreased effect.
  • Some Remote Farm spots removed from all Farmzones.
  • Depending on the demand after the autofarm changes more spots might be added/deleted. 

20th of November:

  • Fixed the issue with disarm's effect not being able to equip even when the effect was gone.
  • Added Accept Party Res Only Option in AutoFarm.